Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me! and First Feelings

Post your first feelings or comments about the syllabus of the class in it. Also post a brief description telling me who you are and telling me what you expect from this class

Wow! This class sounds like a big challenge, and that is exactly what I am looking for! I am so excited about this class because it is completely different from any kind of art I have worked with. I feel like it will help me as an artist because it will open up a door to new experiences and media. I love to learn, and this will offer me the perfect opportunity to learn and apply a lot of different technology. I hope to meet each assignment and problem that I may face with a different perspective and unique way of solving it. The critiques in class will also be beneficial because I will be able to give my opinion as well as hear those of my classmates. Reading the syllabus has encouraged me to feel like I will be challenged, and that it will also give me the opportunity to learn new techniques that will benefit my abilities and allow me more freedom as an artist. I can't wait for Wednesday!!!

 My name is Hannah, and I am on the University of Tampa swim team. I have competed and excelled at the national level, and I enjoy every minute of it. My major is Art Management with double minor in studio art and art history.  I have taken only one "technology" class. ART211 honors. I have mostly focused on sculpture and I really love it! I am also really interested in video installation mixed with sculpture. I am excited for this class to open my eyes and allow me to experiment mixing digital arts with sculpture.

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